Anyone do more than one NaNo a year?

I tried for three months of furious rough draft composition this year, but I’m down to two, due to complications with publishing my last book in February. I’m in the first week of my MayNoWriMo right now, and while the rush isn’t quite the same without the daily, nay, hourly word count validation check, I can still call it a rush. I passed 10k words this morning, and I’m starting to get to the good scenes. It’s the first novel I planned from the start using Scrivener, and it’s been awesome. I think a transparent tool like Scrivener makes the actual writing feel more effortless. I know I’m less distracted by “dude, which file has my main character’s info sheet?” issues now. :mrgreen:

Not officially, but I have done some non-November writing at or near NaNo pace. A few months ago I did a 20 day session and got almost 30,000 words (net!) written. I was editing so I deleted stuff too which reduced the wordcount, but mostly I was rewriting the end of the book.

Then I had to apologize to my boyfriend for ignoring him for 20 days. :blush:

You will be interested in this: … in-my-mind

I have seen the beta website and we are hoping to get it up and online in August. The issue is money. So we are having a special fundraiser to help pay for the server infrastructure in May.

From Nancy Smith the Community Liaison:

First of all, we’ll be having a summer fundraising drive on May 25th! For this year’s fundraising drive, there are more awesome gifts at more donation levels than ever before! That’s all we can say for now, but stay tuned for some seriously cool treats. (OK, a little hint: there will be an awesome poster.) We’d love to have your help spreading the word–it would be wonderful if you could mention the drive on your regional forum, as well as any social networks you run for your group. We’ll be in touch with more details about the drive as we get closer.

This is an especially important fundraiser for us because we’ll be using the money to rebuild the guts of our main site (No more site outages. Yay!) and to build Camp NaNoWriMo. What is Camp NaNo, you ask… It’s a camp-themed version of the NaNoWriMo challenge that allows participants to write a novel in a month other than November. Perfect for those Wrimos who want to write a novel more than once a year, as well as those aspiring novelists that just can’t make November work. You’ll get the resources and encouragement–along with that hard and fast deadline–you need to reach your word-count goal in a more intimate…dare we say bucolic…setting.


oooOOOooo. I like! This could be just what I’m looking for!