Anyone else having problems with DropBox starting up?

Dropbox v. 195.4.4995, M2Pro Mac Mini, Sonoma 14.4.

I don’t know if DropBox has just updated or what, but today, on booting the computer, Dropbox fails to login to my account. I have to close Dropbox down, reload it, click to sign in (which opens a login window in my browser) and then it connects. If I try logging in on the browser, it tells me I’m already logged in on that account.

Is anybody else encountering this? I’ve been using Dropbox for 15+ years and never before had a problem… other than Dropbox being blocked by the Great Firewall of China.



Hello from Helsinki.

I am currently logged into Dropbox. I haven’t noticed any problems.


Yes! Same here. For the last two weeks or more DropBox on my M1 iMac does not establish a connection on start up. Quitting and relaunching DropBox is the only workaround I’ve found.

It’s a frustrating start to my morning writing as I wait for my iOS scrivener files to sync with my iMac.

I’ve contemplated using another middleman.


Apologies, I should have got back to this, but I’ve had other things to deal with. In fact, the problem cleared itself up a few days later. I can’t remember if there was an update to Dropbox involved or maybe updating to Sonoma 14.4.1 solved it, but Dropbox is now behaving normally for me.


Dropbox loaded fine for me this morning as well.
Running 14.4.1 on my M1 iMac.

Knock wood that it sticks.

  • Steve

I have had problems with Dropbox not starting after an intranet failure — power brown out taking the router down but outage not long enough for my Mac to crash/reboot. This only affects my Mac mini which has a cable connection to the router. My MacBookPro reconnects as expected.

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