Anyone here using WhiteSmoke?

I stumbled upon this:


Looks pretty cool. I’m curious if there’s anyone here who has experience with it.

Well, I pasted their own web page content into the demo box, hit the “Check Text” button, and they reported five critical writing mistakes. I am not sure what to make of that. :slight_smile:

I got only as far as the satisfied user who reported,

“As a screenplay writer using WhiteSmoke, my work became much easier and faster.”

Not a strong endorsement.

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When I clicked the link. WOT[size=150]^[/size]identified it as a site linked with virus and malware. :open_mouth:

Check this lot! :open_mouth:

That’s interesting, because that’s the exact result I got when I copy-pasted some of my own text in there.

Common practice on sites that want to sell stuff. I look through that, but it doesn’t necessarily turn me off immediately.

Yeah, looks kinda sketchy.

I wanted to be sure, that’s why I asked. Their site almost had me convinced, I’ll be honest.

It’s a serious grammatical boo-boo. If they’re selling ice cream or chain saws, OK, but if they’re trying to sell “correct” English, it’s a definite site-killer.


You make a good point.