Anyone here who knows Sanskrit, Urdu, Kashmiri or Tibetan?

I would need to know how you translate:

The book of elephants


The great book of elephants

into any of the above mentioned languages.

Thanks a lot!


Try this:
There`s plenty of stuff if you Google
vic :slight_smile:

Thanks Vic,
I’ve had a look at this already. All the links are quite useful, but none of them gives a straightforward translation (as far as I can see). I thought there might be someone in Scrivener’s international jet set who would have something like this off pat. Guess I’ll just contact the university.


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I think the best way to have to done properly is by a human being. The context of the words could change the particular words used in translation, or the way they are put together.

Even if there was an online translater in the way of babelfish for languages such as this, the result is unlikely to be right. Babelfish is great for getting the gist of a question for example, but it mauls the syntax terribly.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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