Anyone Planning for NaNo 2009?

I’ve been musing over my various story ideas–and pretty much all of them have something written–trying to figure out what I want to use for NaNoWriMo 2009. Last year, I used a dream foundation, and wasn’t able to finish in part because I had no idea whatsoever what I needed in the plot in advance, but also because I lost computer access those last few days. (Grrr!)

I’ve recently decided to revisit a story idea I tried my hand at years ago but ultimately ditched because I lacked the skill to pull it off. I suspect I still might–but my NaNo from last year has a fair amount of surprisingly good parts, so I figure I can at least try. (My NaNo from last year also looks like it might be a trilogy in disguise, but anyway…)

I’ll be writing from scratch, so that qualifies it, from what I understand of the FAQ. At the moment, I’m starting to set up the outline–linearly for now, and then I’ll slash and rearrange everything, later, because I think part of what messed up this story last time I tried writing it is it can’t be told linearly, but it needs to be linear. I realize that makes no sense, but it’s the easiest way to put it.

I’m also working out some of the details–it has mundanes (humans) and those who can work magic (faeries), and each kind breeds true. It’s when you have a mixed marriage that things get messy, and, well, they don’t cross lines. (Which causes a lot of the trouble for the Romeo/Juliet-esque backstory[…ies?].)

I also need to decide what eras and cultures to set it in. I’m thinking somewhere continental Europe, but I need to research that.

So is anyone else already working on the planning for NaNo 2009?

I usually don’t start thinking about what to write until the end of October, and then keep my outline a few days ahead of my writing :slight_smile:

I have been thinking that I might actually try outlining this year, which I suppose means that I should start thinking about it earlier rather than later…

For the really weird, but not so wonderful, set it in Stockport. Local papers are full of the internecine familial shenanigans.

Hope this has been of some help.

Steer clear of the RED LION! Its the kind of establishment, whos clientele would probably spell, cultures, kultchers. Avoid it like the plague.


How many of the afore mentioned shenanigans has he instigated?

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I don’t think that fits with my writing style at all. I’ve been working on my book for nearly three years, editing the hell out of it along the way and taking breaks now and again to reorganize my thoughts. Sometimes the breaks lasted months when other things got in the way, but I’m finally only two (or so) chapters away from finishing. Wish I’d had Scrivener the whole time…

Could I bang out 175 pages in a month? I’d say almost undoubtedly. Would they be coherent, and would anyone want to read it when I was finished? That’s probably another story altogether.

So it’s the philosophy behind Microsoft applied to novel writing. :confused:

Honestly, that was what I thought, but I figured I could have fun trying it. In the least, maybe I could learn to write just a tad faster overall.

The resulting scene quality was actually surprisingly decent. The overall plotting, not so much, but that’s a problem I have, anyway. Thus my plan to attempt a detailed outline, this time.

I managed about 35,000 words last year. Probably would have managed more, but having to decorate the house before my pregnant belly burst took priority.

This year, hopefully, I’ll hit the 50k target. I’m even starting to map out some vague plots and characters (preparation was completely ignored last year, possibly another contributing factor to me not finishing). I love the idea of WriMo. Just churning out the words, not worrying about whether they’re any good or even make sense. Last year’s story gave me some interesting moments when what appeared on the screen in front of me came as a complete surprise!

Red x

A pregnant Red Monk!! :open_mouth: Now theres a story just waiting to be told. Worth at least 50K words of anybodys literary endeavour

Damn you, sir. :mrgreen:

The red monk didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. That’s why she knew the baby would come soon…

Before my first NaNo, I edited as I went, and worked on the story for years. It grew, but kept changing. So I’d have to go back and edit more, instead of finishing the draft.

Then I thought, what the hell, I’ll set myself the goal of 50,000 words and a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end.

That was the first novel first draft I ever managed to finish. It wasn’t great, but it was a full first draft and that’s about when I realized that you can’t improve what isn’t there. And my story, before, just wasn’t there enough for me to improve, despite all the editing time I put into it.

I have now finished NaNo four times (with five attempts) and all four of the first drafts are, I think, worth serious consideration in terms of whether or not they’re worth editing up to submission quality. Some need more work than others, but they all have what I think is an interesting story.

For NaNo, you could do complete drivel, stream of consciousness, infinite number of monkeys type of writing. Or you could try to write a first draft quality story. 2000 words per day will get you over 50,000 with room to spare.

So I guess you could say I’m a convert - not necessarily to NaNo and quantity over quality, but to finishing the first draft before changing anything. NaNo makes that a little easier; there’s simply no time to go back and edit during the month. (That’s what March, National Novel Editing Month, is for!)

There are 2 errors in the above. Let us see if we can spot them.

I’m pretty sure about one of them. I was just being polite.

I have been doing nano since 2003 and have “won” every year. I have to credit Nano and Chris Baty with my new career writing fiction. I used to write (still do) lots of nonfiction but it was nano that got me over myself. The goal is quantity NOT quality. It gives you something to actually edit. It takes you from “wanna-a-be” to “is”. I have been the ML for our region for the last three years and I give a small button that simply says “I write books” to everyone who finishes the 50K in our region. Writers write. Publishers publish but writers forget that. Nano allows you to get it out of the emotional morass which is your head and move it onto the paper. Er… I mean… write your novel.

I probably would have made the move eventually without nano but it helped the process so much that I am retiring early from my tenured faculty position to write full time. Without nano, I probably would have chickened out and stuck it out longer for the money. It is amazing how cowardly we all become as we age. I needed the extra dose of courage.

This is bordering on maudlin so I will stop now before others on this board suggest a theme song/movie score that should be played in the background while reading this. But… I am such a fan… I am dedicating my next book to Chris. No… we have never met… this just shows how much a single individual can influence the world by his or her actions… or lack thereof.


P.S. Keith gets a nod in the acknowledgements for Scrivener.

A nod? Where’s student sara? We need her to show us how to show KB real appreciation†.

Is all the preplanning really in the spirit of NaNo? Not being a real writer I have not really looked into it, but my earlier exposure led me to believe that there is more of a “free wheeling” background.

†[size=75] This is a bit of a throwback to a thread involving throwing, effusive praise, and knickers. Only accusations fro yours truly and Mr. K, but highly informative.[/size]

Somebody rub my lamp? Pom-poms at the ready… give me an ‘K’…[Kay!]… give me a ‘B’… [Bee!]…

Actually I can do better than that. I have written a haiku for Scrivener (yes, really):

Wordsmith: crafting prose
Deftly fashioned, hammered true
Scrivener: my forge

I await onslaught of accusations of sycophantism (tell me something I don’t already know) and critique for the poem itself (which will be sincerely welcomed). Though please, lets not get into the whole argument about English syllables not being the equivalent to Japanese characters… there be dragons.

And KB will be going in the acknowledgments of The Thesis if I ever finish the damn thing. So that means a huge audience of 4 people will read it (2 examiners, my supervisor and my mum).

Just so the thread doesn’t go OT by too far, I should mention I intend to have a bash at NaNoWriMo as my reward for submitting. It’ll be my first time, so I don’t know what to expect, but I’ve bought the book and read the first few chapters, and actually stopped where Mr Baty says to wait till the month starts. I won’t be doing any prep, because I won’t have time, but hey, it’ll be an adventure, right?

[been away and intermittently lurking because I’m down the rabbit hole of my final data chapter. is it really summer already?]

Well it would be, wouldnt it, if youve lobbed y` knickers!!? :open_mouth:

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