Anyone tried the new Plottr import of Scrivener features?

Just trying out Plottr and it looks useful for some phases of my book. I wanted to import my Scrivener project into it, which the latest version says it does. No joy, and the scant documentation talks about every chapter being its own file, etc., which is not how my Scrivener works. So wanted to hear from anyone who’s tried it successfully or otherwise can help.

I was meaning to try this out but haven’t got around to it. Doesn’t sound too promising.

Before they came up with their solution, I rolled my own, see: Scrivener to Plottr

I don’t have any direct experience with Plottr, but if you need every chapter to be its own file, you’re going to want to open your project and go to File → Export and choose a supported file type. Using the export function maintains Scrivener’s binder structure, so your folders will be folders and your documents will be nestled within the folders as they are in the binder.

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