Anyone using Idrive?

I save to the idrive shared folder, i close the file, i open on another computer.

I add a document. and save.
I then notice many NEW DOCUMENT names in the binder… ALL EMPTY

Other docs with titles are also empty… Only the new docs have content.

I save and exit…

Open on the first computer… All documents are there, nothing empty…

And the newly added docs are there.

I close. and open on the 2nd comp:: no joy…

I copy the folder from the cloud folder to the desktop, open, and no joy.

The first computer file is fine… I moved the folder out of the idrive folder.

It is correct, without the empty docs.

Any ideas?

Required tag??? really?

I’ve never used iDrive, but this sounds like the same classic issue we hear about on this forum all the time with other syncing services: the syncing app is set to store files in the cloud until they are needed locally. This is not good for Scrivener. The syncing app should be set to keep all files available offline.

Just a guess, but it sounds to me like you may have this feature enabled on one PC and disabled on the other.

I recommend you carefully review the iDrive settings on both your PCs and confirm they are both set so that files are available offline.

For example, here are the equivalent settings for Dropbox and OneDrive:

  • Dropbox: It’s called “Available Offline” = this should be enabled

  • OneDrive: It’s called “Files On-Demand” = this should be disabled

Yes, it’s confusing.