Anyone using Scrivener on a new macbook air?

I opened up Scrivener today on my new macbook air 11" and felt the text seemed a little more jagged than usual. It lacked the crispness of my old macbook pro. It looks great when I’m on that computer, hooked to an external monitor, but for some reason there’s something more jagged and less crisp on this new macbook air 11 inch.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Lion or not. I saw an option under preferences in lion that has “LCD smoothening” for certain fonts, but neither modes seem to fix it.

All font rendering in Scrivener is handled by OS X itself, so I can at least tell you for definite that this has nothing to do with Scrivener. A new MB Air 13" is heading this way right now, though, so it will be interesting to see if the screen is any different from the last generation of MBAs). What you do notice on a newish MBA is that everything is smaller and brighter, but that’s normal… It’s most likely just down to the increased resolution on a small screen.

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Oh yeah, for sure wasn’t blaming Scrivener. Just wondering if anyone ran into the problem and figured out a workaround. I remember checking out Scrivener on a 2010 macbook air in the store before the new ones came out and don’t remember it being like this, but I could be wrong.

When I get the chance, I’m going to try adjusting brightness and calibrating it a bit in OSX. And perhaps messing with the resolution.

I’ll let you know what I see on the new on heading our way when it arrives, too. Odd!
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Having just upgraded to Lion on my 2010 November MBA, I do notice that much of the GUI is finer than under SL … the traffic lights are slightly smaller, lines seem to be a tad thinner. I can’t decide if the character handling has also changed slightly in the same way. When it comes to Scrivener it is hard to say. In NWP though, even though the font menu is still set to display in medium size, I am sure it’s definitely smaller than it was under SL.

So I’m just wondering if the OP’s perception is not a combination of Lion’s apparently finer graphic handling, and the very high resolution of an MBA screen, compared with a MacBook or a MacBook Pro.


PS Keith, having only installed Lion this morning, I haven’t put it through its paces, but I must say Scrivener looks great! Even better than before.