Anyone writing/editing on an e-ink screen? Which one and why?

I’m an analog writer first, and a mac user, but would love to be able to edit on Scrivener on an e-ink screen, but an hesitant to try the Android ecosystem. Onyx Boox looks the most promising. Oh, and I want to use my bluetooth or USB mechanical keyboard. Thanks!

You are aware that Scrivener doesn’t run on Android, right ?
I don’t know of any e-ink that runs Windows or MacOs… Perhaps there is such a thing, but despite my past interest, I don’t recall any.

For a while I had an eye on Remarkable2.
But the price was a turn-off for me. Way too expensive.
And I don’t really miss it. When I think of it, (I compose mostly on paper), considering the number of times I flip pages to look for something I wrote elsewhere, I am not sure I’d like the idea of scrolling away from my current page so much.

This said, – it is not e-ink, and you can’t really use a stylus, but I bought myself a 10’’ Windows tablet.
I use it to revise on the run, or at night, in bed.
It runs Scrivener like a charm, and I installed an audio clip recorder, so I take audio notes that I drop in the text, typing them properly (if justified) later on.
My opinion is that the writable e-ink technology is still too recent to be worth the expense for now.
I personally feel like it is best to wait. I watched many video reviews of many of the models, and they all seem to be somewhat clunky either here or there…

(Last time I’ve let my curiosity go in this direction was about a year and a half ago. At the speed things evolve, might as well mention it. Possibly my opinion is already outdated.)

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There are options. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus (Windows notebook) or Boox Mira (portable eInk display, works also with Apple devices). If this makes sense, from a usability or price point of view, is an entirely different question. And the answer is probably “no”.

And now that I think of it, even if an e-ink tablet could run Scrivener, I don’t see how Scrivener would be compatible with the purpose of a tablet as paper + stylus. …??
It’ll still be just Scrivener waiting for keyboard inputs, but on a bland screen. (?)

e-ink is much much easier on the eyes and fatigue, especially for long focusing on text.

@Vincent_Vincent Maybe this way:

That works exactly like on a computer with a keyboard and a display. Because it is. But the latency sucks. Good for reading, not so good for writing. Unless you fork over a lot of money.

So long as one doesn’t expect to be able to scribble in Scrivener using a stylus.

Which the OP didn’t intend to do.

I don’t know. That’d be an assumption. He/she said he/she wants to be able to use a keyboard. That’s it.
Anyways. No harm clarifying it, in case someone didn’t think of that tiny detail.
In short, it’d be a freakishly expensive tablet, of which none of the specifics would be used as far as Scrivener is concerned.

Yeah. I don’t say it’s a good idea. But it can be done. Probably the easiest (and least expensive) way it to get an eInk display and see how it does the job. Or not.

This setting doesn’t change the display technology. :wink:

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The issue is LED, not grayscale.

The idea is the ease of reading on a Kindle vs iPad and why in the world haven’t they made that available for writers. Yes, I know about the fancy Freewrite et al, but there is no way to edit on it, which is what I need, as I already write pencil to paper.

Thought it could be a step in the right direction… After which you just dim it.

Kindle has one. Kindle Scribe.

And there is a portable thingy with the integrated keyboard. But I forgot the brand and the name of the thing.

[EDIT] Found it. This :

Because the latency sucks. That doesn’t matter for reading, where the screen refreshes maybe every couple of minutes (depending on your reading speed). As soon as movement is involved, UI elements, scrolling, adding multiple characters per second… it get’s annoying. Or expensive.

Buy an eInk display. You still can use Scrivener on macOS this way.

Scribe has nothing like editing capability. reMarkable2 with the keyboard is the closest, but I can’t tell how it is to edit on.

Scribe, no. It doesn’t indeed.
Only good if you compile to PDF, then edit like on paper.

Does it see the text as text or as a rendered image to begin with.
Whether it allows to truly edit the text, delete words etc, is a good question…