Anything to share about Scrivener 3.0?

After a few hints I read in the forum about the possible release of 3.0 for Mac in 2016, I am certainly thrilled and anxious to know more about what’s coming. I know you guys won’t share any release plan - which I understand. But is it possible to give us some idea about the new paid version, even just a few words that make my authors heart jumping? :slight_smile:

Keith is being tight-lipped for the most part, probably to prevent copy-cats from implementing inferior but look-alike features ahead of 3.0’s release. (And yes, it’s happened before).

But if you search KB’s posts (click on his user handle, then use the “search user’s posts” link), you can see a few screenshots. I had to go back to the 4th page of results to see the “swim lanes” screenshot, which are apparently based on Labels…

Yes … very tight lipped :smiley:
However, whatever may come, Scrivener gave my work as an author such a positive drive, that I am going to buy it blind folded, too. :smiley:
Can’t wait for the next big thing … pardon … next paid version. :slight_smile:

Hmm, a few words, let’s see… How about “writing”, “tutorial” and “now”? :slight_smile:

We’ll have news soonish. The hard part is going to be letting our Windows users down gently. The macOS update is likely to be a good six months ahead of the Windows one (like an inverse Microsoft), but our Windows developers are working on a 3.0 to match the macOS version (in case any Windows users happen along here)…

In that case, “opening”, “wallet”, “now”.

Actually: desperately looking forward to swim-lanes, as this author has to slalom storylines around some insanely serpentine historical facts. Please bring on latest L&L triumph soonest.

I think it is timely. I just updated to the beta for Sierra 12.1, and get the sense that there needs to be updates to several programs to go with the new aspects of iOS and OS out coming out. I also think that helpful messages that pop up as I work that would be helpful to me mastering Scrivener would be terrific. Speaking as one who uses Scrivener for my doctorate studies, and, soon, dissertation writing, I would welcome anything that will help me utilize Scrivener more effectively.

Also, I would hope that the new 3.0 would have some additional updated educational and scholars-type templates. I cannot seem to edit the current APA template without some real investigation, and I still cannot seem to edit it right. Updated and more useful templates would make this my stand alone go to program.

Great news!!! :smiley:
Anxiously waiting.
Good work.

This is great news! :slight_smile: It’s amazing how just a few words can make a day. :slight_smile: How can we cheer you on the way?
Keep it going. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Gah, TWO awesome apps released/ing to beta (Forklift 3 is out a few hours ago, by far the best IMO file manager on macOS). How am I going to get real work done!?!?!?!?

PR problems: Solved! :wink:

How ist it going? A 2016 release still in sight?

Yo … Huhu … not a word? :wink:

Lots of words. All of them along the lines of, “We’re not announcing timelines until we’re ready.”

Sad - but have to live with it. :wink:
No I go and cry in my pillow. :wink:

Gosh, you guys play hardball. :slight_smile: Some little hints to feed the fans of your work - just once in a while - would be nice and so desired. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation, because she never cackles until the egg has been laid. So said famous software developer Abraham Lincoln.

Yeah, actually Abra is right … I guess I know this guy from a dart competition in a pub near Stuttgart (Germany). 8)

Is your team planning to run a beta-program on Scrivener 3 for Mac?

As far as I’m aware, their beta program for major releases is by invitation only. I’ve never seen them post it publicly that I can recall. More minor revisions sometimes are posted to viewforum.php?f=17, but it’s been a while since the last open beta.

I have seen hints that v3 for Mac might come out this year, but that the Windows version 3 will likely be months behind it. Also, I think the more open teasers for version 2 for Mac may have soured them on the practice; there’s a copycat developer who would use screenshots to create features that had the same look in advance of the Scrivener release, making it appear as if Keith were the copycat. And I’m not talking about borrowing a few ideas; it almost looks like a different release of Scrivener 2 itself.

NOTE: This is my own take on the developer-who-shall-not-be-named… No one at Lit & Lat has expressed any opinion on developers completely aping Scrivener’s design. In fact, Keith’s pretty magnanimous about competitors (see the entire page of alternatives to Scrivener posted on Lit & Lat’s own site:, and so as a fan of his work, I may be more upset about it than he will ever be.

In May, “this year” was stated for the next major update.

In September, the tutorial for V3 was being written.

Be great to see V3 this year, but Keith’s recent post makes it sound as though 2017 is more likely.

Like most people, I’d rather have it well baked than undercooked. :smiley: