Anyway to annotate PDFs within the IOS app

As the subject suggests once I’ve imported a PDF into the app is there a way for me to annotate it within Scrivener?


@Memphispee - the only thing I’ve found is the ability to add Notes to the document Inspector. That works pretty well, but I’ve not found a way to highlight text or drop comments on a PDF imported into SiOS.

There is no built-in pdf annotation function.

I don’t think pdf annotation function calls are part of the iOS system, so developers would have to build this ability themselves. A non-trivial exercise, I would guess. This is why you see dedicated pdf annotation apps on ios.

Though it is worth noting that Apple shows signs of thinking of annotation as a system level function. We see this in El Capitan with Mail’s ability to annotate pdfs right in the app. This is a first sign of treating annotation as a system level service. That might be an idea that finds its way over to iOS.


Thanks for the insight. Hopefully it gets built in as I think it would be wonderful to be able to import my PDFs for research and make my notes and then write my articles.

Keeping fingers crossed.