APA 7th Edition

I am using Scrivener 3.3.2 (14633) to write a psychology paper. When I choose the APA template it uses the old APA 6 guidelines. Is there a way to update to the recent APA 7 format? Thanks

There’s nothing special about Templates: they’re basically blank projects which have been part-configured for a particular scenario using the normal tools, and then made available in the File > New Project… dialogue.

They may have a certain folder structure, there may be specific custom metadata added, and/or the compilation format may have been tweaked, for example, but they all started off as a blank project (or have been adapted from previously defined templates). They have then been saved in the special Project Template format, as convenient starting off point for new projects of that type.

That means that all that needs to be done to adapt a Project Template is to start a new project with the ‘old’ template, make the changes you want, then File > Save as template… - either under the old name (not possible with built in templates) or with a new one. You can choose an icon, a category for the New Projects dialogue and so on at the same time. Your new template will be saved in Scrivener’s Template folder, which is at:

~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Templates

The easiest way to find it is to choose Scrivener > Reveal support folder in Finder.

If someone has already adapted the current APA template to V7, that’s the process they will have used, and perhaps they’ll make it available on request. If not, then it’s a matter of making the changes yourself. As I have no idea what the differences between APA versions are, I can’t be more specific, sorry…


(I’ve simplified the above slightly: full details at Section 5.4 in the User Manual.)

Thanks Brookter, that’s really helpful. I don’t really understand the changes to the APA guidelines either so was hoping that someone who can deal with that level of detail had already addressed it, but I may have to put my concentration face on and do it myself with your instructions :slight_smile:

I’m glad it helped…Good luck with the concentration face!