APA/MLA Outline Format

I am evaluating Scrivener for Windows primarily for my kids to use for both expository and creative writing at school. They have a psychological block about rearranging things when using a traditional word processor, and Scrivener is obviously designed to avoid that problem.

My current question is about creating an APA or MLA style outline with Roman numerals, letters, and Arabic numbers (I. -> A. -> 1. -> a., etc.). I have created a compile setting that mostly does this, except for two things:
1.) I cannot find the placeholder tag for letters to use in the Title Prefix. I assume there is one since lists can be “numbered” with upper or lower case letters, but I have not been able to find it (I have no way to run the Mac version and look at the list under Help).
2.) I cannot find where to set the option to put the title and text on the same line (the Mac version has an option called “Insert title as run-in head”).

Thank you in advance for help with these two items.

Randy Smith