Aperture 2.0 on the horizon

For the photographer out there; I MIGHT have some lovely news.

I have a friend at college who works in the Apple shop on Regent street and I was talking to him about Aperture and he told me he suspects it’s going to be announced VERY soon.

I think he said weeks.

I’ve asked him about this before - lots of people have been saying that it must be soon for a very long time, but he always said he hadn’t heard anything. Now that’s changed!

I SERIOUSLY look forward to seeing what they’ve come up with.

Hi Sebi,

I really hope that this is more than a rumor. In the iPhoto thread we talked about Lightroom. I downloaded the demo, and it is so fast and still has the better RAW-Converter. Still, there is some need to getting used to the noisy and less customisable interface (well thought interface though).

If Aperture finally adds the missing RAW converters and becomes faster with a new version coming soon, it will be like Christmas!


triple post, sorry

triple post, really sorry…

For cataloguing my pictures, I first worked with iView. And it was a pleasure.

When this program was swallowed by Microsoft and met its inglorious end, I bought Aperture. But somehow I didn’t manage to find my way with it. I kept telling myself that it was good, and that I had to like it; but I didn’t like it. It was … … well, just not for me.

Then by chance, a year or so ago, I discovered Lightroom. It took me less than an hour to discover that this was exactly the program I had been waiting for. I bought it immediately and never looked back. And I’m still very happy with it.

For cataloguing purposes, in my opinion Lightroom is vastly superior to the present (1.5) version of Aperture. It has a great UI, it is fast, and it is very intuitive and very flexible; it’s one of the very few programs I managed to handle without ever consulting a manual. And (very important, at least for me) adding notes of various kinds to pictures is very easy in Lightroom; much easier than in Aperture.

But others might have different experiences.

We had a very similar conversation literatureandlatte.com/forum … php?t=3020

I haven’t tried Lightroom but I’m not keen on Adobe stuff. Being a Logic user, the Apple pro-apps environment is one that feels familiar. Aperture is very buggy and can be slow, true, but it is on the whole one of my favourite applications!

Overall these faults won’t get me to give in to Adobe! (Don’t ask me why I don’t like Adobe stuff - I think it’s because I always feel like I’m meant to be a technician, not an artist).

I commented in the other Aperture vs. Lightroom thread that the two apps offer different approaches to working and which one suits you best is dependant on how you want to use it.

Ah, I missed that conversation. Nice to see that, as far as the differences between Aperture and Lightroom are concerned, Michel Clark’s review arrives at conclusions pretty similar to mine.

I was right!

And it looks beautiful. I backup and download as soon as I plug into my USB drive.