apostrophes turn into "’" once i export into final draft

i’ve been reading up but haven’t seen why this happens. i’m typing in the US, on the latest mac os of leopard, in courier font. every apostrophe i type (after i export as a txt file and open in final draft) appears as ‘‚Äô’ in my final draft script… :question: much appreciate any suggestions

You might try turning the “smart quotes” (or “straighten quotes”?) option on or off to see if that helps the problem.

I do not have the program with me so cannot give you exact directions, but I think it is one of the options when you compile the manuscript.


yes, it’s a coding issue. I guess Final Draft uses Word (for Windows) coding. I have that often when importing Word files into various apps. Turning off smart quotes should do the trick.


When exporting, be sure to check the “Straighten smart/typographer’s quotes” option in the Text Options pane of the Compile Draft sheet. That should solve the problem.
Hope that helps.
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thanks to everyone that responded! it worked and i’m a happy peep :smiley: much appreciated!

had a good run after everyone helped me on this post, but now that this is working, i’ve encountered an issue of final draft crashing when it comes across some remnant symbols (e.g. _ or a vertical rectangle). anyone have this particular problem?