App crash on accessing recent or bookmarks

I have one particular project which crashes every time I tap to access either Recents or Bookmarks. Other projects are fine and they are all located on Dropbox. I can also access bookmarks fine on MacOS.

I’ve tried removing the app from my phone, then rebooting, then reinstalling but still have the issue. Is there anything else I can do?


I’ve noticed this too. The crash only happens on my iPhone 8+, iOS 13.5.1. It doesn’t happen with my iPad 6th gen, iPadOS 13.5.1. Both my active projects crash.

To test further, I tried putting a copy of my mac Tutorial into my sync folder and letting it sync to my phone. The Tutorial did NOT crash on my iPhone; both Recents and Bookmarks were well-behaved.

I would be happy to provide an obfuscated version of a project that crashes if there is any interest from L&L.

Hello, L&L? :smiley:

Same here. IPhone X IOS 13. Three projects crash when trying to access recents or bookmarks. Issue not present on Mac.

Any ideas Keith and co?