App crashes when editing an imported screenplay

Hello! First post here. Just bought the app after using Scrivener for mac for years.
I enjoy doing a bunch of custom formatting in script/screenwriting mode. After importing one of my scripts with a custom template from mac, the app crashes when pressing enter/return on certain elements.

I’ve narrowed it down to it being caused by the “add colon before return” option in scriptwriting settings on desktop, found in Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings>Tab/Return


Thanks for the report! I am having some trouble reproducing it from this description alone. Here is what I tried:

  1. I created a test project using the Screenplay template on the desktop.
  2. In Format ▸ Scriptwriting ▸ Script Settings..., I select the Transition element in the left list.
  3. In the Tab/Return tab, enable Add colon before return.
  4. The settings were then tested, and then a copy placed in the iOS version.
  5. I repeated the test there, and the setting worked as expected without crashing.

So there may be another setting involved that is the actual trigger. One thing I did just discover an hour or so ago was in the Font tab. The Style to… setting, when changed to “Character(s)” and supplying a : in the field causes a crash.