App Crashing

I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but here goes! I find that Scrivener “crashes” about 1 of 3 times every time I use it. I Close my project every time. I do send the info but haven’t received any guidance on what may be causing this. My work hasn’t been lost however.

Other’s may have other advice, but if this was happening to me, I would make the assumption that something has become corrupted with the current installation. I’d grab a new copy of the install program, then delete the current application, and re-install. Won’t give insight to what went wrong or is wrong, but might get you writing again.

Also check that you have available memory and free disk space. Both needed to make everything work.

FYI, when sending “info” re crash, that goes to Apple and they are never going to get back to you. Who knows what they do with the info or if truly useful.

If this is strictly happening when you close a project, the advice given in this recent discussion may help.

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