App quits unexpectedly

app quits unexpectedly . I can’t open my document . I use ipad air 4 . who knows what should I do ?

I would use the Scrivener reset functions in the global Settings app before going to a reinstall. And before doing doing a reinstall, make sure to back up your projects first, as iOS has a design flaw in combining working data with software.


Hi , I think somebody need fix this issue . I uninstalled this app and installed again . but when I opened one of my document it still quits unexpextedly . Then documents only 345 MB . Not huge .

Please clarify! Does this happen with only one specific document or with all of your documents?

this happened with only one specific document .

Dear all :slight_smile:
thanks for your support . I have to move to ulysses . Beasue I need do something urgently .