Appearance options affect compile?

Hi. I was changing the color scheme for the editor to something a bit easier on my eyes than black text on a while background. I made the “page” dark blue and the text white. I wrote quite a bit with it set that way before I tried to compile for the printer. When I did finally compile and print, it printed white text on a black background, almost as if the page was reverse-field.

I hadn’t thought that changing the appearance on the screen would change the way the project would compile and print. I tried to return to defaults for appearance, but that didn’t completely solve the problem. I had to begin a new project, copy all my text from the old one to Notepad (to remove any possible invisible formatting codes) and from there to the new project.

Is there a way to change the screen appearance without affecting the compile output?

The appearance settings shouldn’t affect compile, though if you set the text colour in the “Editor” options rather than in the “Appearance” settings, that would stay through compile unless you selected “Remove text color” in compile. Could you save and export your preference settings and your compile settings, then attach them here so I can take a look? For the first, go to Tools > Options… and choose “Save preferences” from the Manage menu button. For compile settings, choose “Save Preset…” and give it a name, then choose “Load Preset”, select the newly saved preset in the My Formats section, and click “Export…” to save it to your drive.

Thanks very much for the response, MM! I appreciate it. I think I got the problem sorted out myself. I’m a bit of a newbie at Scrivener still. But I have it looking the way I like on the screen and it compiles right, too!

Oh good, glad you got it sorted!