Appearence-Colors feedback

In Options-> Appearance under Colors to the right of the color settings where it shows the option and the color and the “Use Default Color” button (which I will refer to as the “option window” in this case), the size changes depending on the size of the “setting” name. This makes the whole section change sizes with different items as you key down. Can you please make these the same size “option window” so that they are not “bouncing”.

I have made a quick screencast highlighting this issue.

I’ve noticed this as well.

Just curious, but how did you change the background color in the binder? I don’t see an option for this, but I have missed color options before.

Scribe I changed the binder inspector colours by applying a Windows theme which has changed my application backgrounds to blue, not just Scrivener’s. I miss the blue binder from the mac version. I think the document/project notes/refs pane was also grey in the Mac 1.54 version.

I suffer from eye strain so I try to limit looking at bright white backgrounds if I can.

Oh, excellent! Well done, Stacey. That will be much better for them to see. Thank you.