Apple is force updating computers to Sonoma

I used to be running MacOS Monterey/12.7.2 with Automatic Updates turned off. I was finishing up some stuff and switched users back to my primary user when the system started acting weird. After I was able to log in again I rebooted. The reboot took a really long time and when the system came back up I was running Sonoma 14.2.1. Just wanted to put this out here and warn my fellow Mac users here that this is happening. I’ve seen some discussions on the Apple support forums (but haven’t have time to follow up) but apparently it’s been slowly rolling out for a week or so now. My first priority is to figure out what now doesn’t work under the new OS. I’m not a happy camper.

This is news (I wasn’t doubting you, I just wanted to see what reporting has been done): Some Macs Auto-Updating to macOS Sonoma Without User Permission and Botchware: Apple Forcibly Upgrading Macs to macOS Sonoma without User Permission or Input + How to Defeat Upgrades

Little-known fact: Among experts this maneuver goes by the name of Sneaky Redmond Steamroller.


Thanks for the links. I was running late for an appointment (and I needed my laptop for the appointment) so I didn’t have time for more than a quick check to see if I was the only one experiencing the issue.

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You’re not alone, there’s something weird going on right now, and probably not intended by Apple. (See also: Avoiding unintended upgrades to macOS – The Eclectic Light Company) As much as I advocate for timely updates (security reasons and stuff), that’s not always possible, because Apple loves to burn bridges. That’s why they usually don’t force macOS updates.

I normally run one release back - I just hadn’t updated to Ventura last fall because of, well, life. I no longer need to be on the bleeding edge, which lets me keep what’s left of my hair.

I’ve looked into reverting back to Monterey, but I don’t want to spend the time on this - too many other things I’d rather do. On my next hardware refresh I’ll look into moving the Users folders to a separate partition to make recovery from this kind of issue easier. Hopefully this will be the only forced upgrade - I can live with once every forty years.

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