Apple not wanting to accept my epub

So, I’m publishing my first novel (YAY!)

Export to Kindle’s .mobi and put it up on Amazon… no problems.

Export to .epub and upload to BN Press for Nook… no problems.

Take same .epub to Apple to put up in their bookstore. PROBLEMS!!!

I’ve managed to weed out a lot of the problems, but I can’t get rid of two them. See screenshot.

NOTE! I have actually removed the cover image from the front matter and told Scrivener to NOT add a cover in the compile settings, so I don’t know how I have a cover at all (I’m uploading the cover as a separate file separately in iTunes Producer that is within their specs). Also, the cover was NEVER over 4 million pixels! Not even close!

The second alert I don’t even know what it means.

Any help would be greatly appreciate, thanks!

I have had this issue many times in the past and it’s easy to resolve. Actually the error does it tell already. Either your cover picture or an illustration within your compiled ePub is too large. Try to size up all illustrations not larger than 1536 x 2048 px at 72 dpi and it will work fine. Some platforms, like Amazone do accept larger image sizes. However, larger images do also mean larger file-size which leads to higher transfer cost Amazon is taking for example which will decrease your royalties. So optimize your illustrations and/or the cover title and it will work fine.


That was it! It was the map for the story, not the cover. Because the error says “cover”, I kept looking at the cover and was like, "No, this is not too big (and actually at first my cover resolution was too LOW for Apple’s standards). For some reason, it was calling my map image “cover.”

My map image was originally a PDF (the map was drawn by a professional illustrator) that was fewer than four million pixels, but for some reason, when I converted it to .png for the e-book version, it actually greatly increased the pixel count. Once I scaled the image down a bit, it worked fine.


I’m working on adding some options for the next update that will allow you to choose a maximum size and resolution for images during Compile, which will allow you to address this sort of thing without having to edit the images directly (the cover image will still be down to the user, though).

All the best,