Apple Pencil v1 text selection bugs and iPad OS 13.4 & 13.5 on iPad Pro Gen1 and Gen2.

I am puzzled why no one else has reported this yet. Are there only a handful of Scrivener IOS users with Apple Pencils???

There are three bugs I am constantly having to deal with and I expect they are interrelated.

The first issue is that since upgrading to iPad OS 13.4, when I attempt to triple click to select a paragraph after double-clicking to select a word, it’s anybody’s guess if Scrivener will do that. With the word selected, I could triple click three hundred times in a row and nothing would happen. If i switch to my finger and triple click, the selection area will immediately encompass the paragraph, as expected.

Other times, triple clicking via the Apple Pencil works. This behaviour is completely random. It is irrelevant if I am switching between documents within Scrivener.

The second, related issue deals with cursor control. Using the Pencil if I click and hold to bring up the I-beam tool and move it around, it almost never lands where I intend it. Say I wanted it in the middle of a word on the fourth line…instead it will fling itself up (or down) a few lines and off to the left or right. Completely random.

Using a finger or the simulated trackpad of holding down the Spacebar works 100% correctly every time.

Lastly, when moving text by Select & Hold, the I-beam only sporadically will place the text where I told it to. As a test, I placed TEN blank lines between two blocks of text and dragged a sentence from the bottom block towards the top. I tried to place it on the first blank line. Instead, it dropped it four blank lines below!

Microsoft Word and Pages do not exhibit any of these behaviours. I have also shared text from my Scrivener document to those two other apps and that text had no issues in those apps.

Thus, my Apple Pencil is not at fault. My tempered glass screen protector is not at fault. I also tested a brand new tip on my Pencil. These behaviours appear on both my 9.7" iPad Pro and 10.5" iPad Pro.

Obviously, since Scrivener IOS has not been updated in almost forever, Apple broke something with the release of 13.4. For one thing, they took away a triple tap to select a whole sentence and now instead it’s a paragraph! Idiotic!

It happened to me for a while, it has been very annoying