Apple pencil woes - messes up my text!


when I try to use my pencil to write, my text winds up getting seriously messed up, I guess because there’s no dedicated area to write and I’m writing over other text? (or I simply not sure what I’m doing)… what’s the correct way to write w/ the apple pencil? I’ve seen sometimes a dedicated area where one can write at the bottom of the ipad, but I cant seem to find that option or 3rd party app.

p.s. I’m using the latest apple mini and 2nd gen. pencil.


@romebot I don’t have an apple pencil, but maybe you could try toggling the typewriter mode and see if that helps.

thanks for answering… I was hoping more people would have suggestions, but I’ll try what you said. cheers

I have given up trying to use the Apple Pencil directly with Scrivener iOS. Instead I write in cursive in Apple Notes using the regular pen (not the one that is for converting handwriting to text.) When I am finished writing I CMD > A to select all, then CMD > C to copy all to the clipboard, then go to the point in my Scrivener document where I want to insert the contents of the clipboard and CMD > V.

thanks but can you explain? how do you write in cursive w/ a pencil that doesn’t convert to text if you are copy/pasting that text?


I think he told you clearly.

He writes in an app which does accept Apple’s ‘Scribble’ text conversion from handwritin.
Then he has the text converted
He copy-pastes that text to Scrivener.

Which sounds to me the wise way to go. Scribble is good, on a newer iPad, but not that good. And in older applications, it isn’t always smooth to use.

The two solutions that others recommend and work are:

  • do what @gloveman is doing, just so
  • a similar alternative if you have it is to use the pen in the Notability app, which has pretty apparently the best handwriting-to-text conversion available, and has some improved abilities for longer texts. It’s still sometimes a bit hit and miss – handwriting conversion is a very challenging ability…

For quick notes, Apple’s Scribble can be very handy, as it works well enouth there (and is very impressive in doing that).

 This is what I do.
 I pair my Apple Pencil to my iPad. Then I open Apple Notes and start a new note. 6 icons appear at the top of the note. One of them looks like the tip of a pen in a circle. I tap it with my pencil. An icon appears on the bottom right of my new note.
 I tap it with my Pencil. An Apple Pencil tool bar appears. On the left is a pen that has the letter A on it, and its tip is kind of shiny chrome colored. This is the tool for writing and having Scribble convert your writing to text. Immediately to the right of it is a pen with a ring around it. The ring is the color ink it is currently set to. 
 I tap that pen (Sometimes double tap it.) and a dialog window appears giving me a choice of thickness for the writing. I pick the one I want. I touch the screen, not on the toolbar, with my finger and the Pencil toolbar disappears. The Pencil icon appears. I usually leave it. Then I pick up my Apple Pencil and just write in any language, any alphabet, any color ink. I can even draw pictures or diagrams.
 When finished I CMD > A to select all. Then CMD > C to copy the selection to the clipboard.    
 Then I open Scrivener iOS and place the cursor to the spot in the document I want to paste the clipboard contents to, then CMD > V to copy the contents of the clipboard into the Scrivener document.
 If I ever want to edit the insert, I go back to the original Apple Notes note, edit it, and then do the copy and paste routine over again.
 Simple and elegant--
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Thanks all! I’ll play around with it.