Apple Scribble

Based on Scrivener’s lacklustre integration up this point when using an Apple Pencil, I was skeptical Scribble would even work within the app. By that I mean, it’s system-wide handwriting recognition, but would it be a nightmare or not?

I’m very happy to report that Scribble (on iPADOS, at least) is incredible! Putting aside the handwriting part of things, just using Scribble tor edit is a Godsend. Selecting two characters, a word, a sentence and a half, two paragraphs — the accuracy is astounding. Either draw a line through text or circle it. I’m only using v1 of the Apple Pencil and it drove me nuts at all the times I had to try to select a word or character. (Or triple tap to select whole paragraph.) Very hit and miss. But now the sensitivity has been amplified to 11! Trust me: you won’t want to go back to the old way.

To delete a word (or however many of them you wish), one simply scribbles over them as if you were crossing them out. Magic, I say, magic!

Do note that there are, however, two bug. The first is on the pop-up toolbar which has two iterations of Undo/Redo. Wish Backspace and Forward Delete were showings in their place. It’s a Scrivener issue as the doubling up is not present in Apple’s Notes app, for example. The second is when one has activated the mini Keyboard and moved its floating window onto established text in the top half of the screen. Everything behind the keyboard will go blank and you’ll momentarily panic thinking your text has been deleted. It has not. Just drag the Keyboard down to the bottom and the text will reappear.

Now, as for the handwriting recognition. Is it accurate enough to comfortably use in the stead of typing? Yes — with these caveats. When writing dialogue, it is almost guaranteed to give you a space between the opening quotation mark and the first letter which it rarely capitalizes. And — for the moment — don’t expect to add a new sentence within a paragraph without a hassle. You’re supposed to be able to press and hold to have the system create a big space for you to write within, but I found it timed out too quickly (between words) and all of a sudden half of your new sentence was now on the bottom of the document.

Valuable tip: Just write in the white. Start a fresh page or at the bottom of your current page and scribble to your heart’s content and the words will just get out of your way. You’ll also have much more “canvas” to write on as the system sees the entire blank area at the bottom of the page onlyas a data entry area, not a part of the document. (As opposed to when you are trying to insert text in the middle of a paragraph. You’ll understand the difference the first time you try it.)

Im on dev beta 2 and I may be imagining but think there’s been a tweak or two. finding more reasons to use pencil. ipad pro with pencil 2.