Apple script for an automator service for pasting plain text in quotation marks

I’m new to MacOS but I could not find any solution so here it is what I need: I work with a lot of pdf-s while writing and I need to use a lot of quotations. I need an Automator service for macOS sierra with the following function: When I copy a text from PDF I need to paste it to a word processor (mainly scrivener but preferably to anywhere else too).

The trick: I need to paste it as plain text to match the formatting of the receiving document. I also need to get rid of all line breaks. And I need quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the pasted text.

Thanks for any suggestions!

You need Keyboard Maestro. It’s a macro program for iOS that can do this sort of thing with ease. It’s kind of a Lego set of programming functions that you string to gether to automate anything on your Mac.

Even better, it has a robust forum of helpful users. If they haven’t invented it already and posted it for free, they will help you build your own.

Regardless of whether you use Scrivener, I think KM is required kit for any Mac user.

Typo in the link, sorry.

Also, it’s for MacOS, not iOS.