Apple script or command line

First thing,

I would like to thank you guys for the great work you’ve been doing on Scapple, that’s the best tool I’ve been using for drawing, leading meetings and etc… I’m a french web engineer and I cannot imagine working without drawing what I have in mind with Scapple… no solution on the market (still right now) meets the elegance / simplicity / effectiveness of Scapple !

I wrote this message to ask if it was possible to have a Script Editor Dictionary available for Scapple or a command line tool (like Scapple as an available command through the terminal), to be able to run exports for ex during pushes on git. Actually my schemas are versioned using git, and upon pushes I would like to convert to PDF or PNG automatically my schemas… that would be awesome !

Thanks again,

Best Laurent

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@AmberV I saw you liked the message but where are you regarding your roadmap ? Is Apple script on it ? Is Apple script or a dedicated scapple commandline would be possible ?



I wouldn’t be too keen on Apple Script itself at this point in time. As we are a cross-platform company, it would be a shame to pour so much effort into something only a percentage of our users can take advantage of, and then end up with a confusing mess of scripts that work on one platform but not another, and people who have contributed their time having to gently explain, over and over, that they have no idea how to use C# (or whatever) or AppleScript respectively, etc.)

So we would if anything (and that is a very big “if”) be thinking more along the lines of some kind of scripting language that is universal, and that has a neat and tidy parsing engine that can be distributed with it. Maybe something like Lua script, which is designed for this kind of embedded role, both in how compact and efficient the engine is, and how the language is easy for anyone to learn.

Like I say though, not much effort has been put into this historically speaking, so I wouldn’t cross my fingers over it. I can be keen on something, and appreciate the request, but that doesn’t mean it is on a roadmap anywhere.

Speaking of VS Code though, do you have that? You might look into it as your simple “front end” for git. I use it to manage my Scrivener projects git repositories. For Scapple it would be even easier.

Thank you for your quick reply !!

What would be your advice to automatize pdf printing of my scapple drawing ?

I totally get your point on the scripting language… I’m a developer, so I couldn’t agree more…

Is there any way I could contribute ?



Apple Script is capable of rudimentary control (and Automator as well I suppose) even without a dictionary, primarily through the use of triggering menu commands for a target application, but there are some other basic things it can do as well in the window. Another approach is a tool like Keyboard Maestro for Mac and AutoHotKey for Windows. Both of these are capable of a lot! Firing off a bunch of PDFs from a folder of .scap files would probably not be too difficult.

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I really appreciate your reactivity !

I’ll keep posted if I can get anything working !

In the meanwhile, take care !


Laurent from Paris France !

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