Apple's future

Now I am not known as an optimist. As a matter of fact most pessimists consider me to be gloomy and make them (the pessimists) seem like optimists. So as I have unpacked and set up my sparkly new MBP13 and prepared for my edumacation I have been pondering the potential waist of money no present on my desk. Do we recall he last time Apple Corp was devoid of Mr Jobs? Has anyone heard the name of a single persona within Apple that would prevent a similar demise?

As a non-fan-boy I pay very little attention to the corporate news. I prefer Apple products because the
• work
• work consistently
• work for the non-IT people in my house
• work for me as a full on IT dork-geek-nerd-basementslug

So given that Apple, at the hight of it innovative popularity, suddenly plateaus (what’s been new since the three year old iPad) as Jobs suddenly declares “Im a goner”, what hope is there for the improvement of the platform? Are we looking at the next "IBM, Windows, or even work, Sun Microsystems? What Hope does Apple have of inspiring the kind of creativity that produces scrivener if it can not find the arrogant SOB who will refuse to put license plates on his car, fire people in an elevator for no reason, then hire some one in the lobby because of a glimpse of ingenuity.

Steve was an Ass. But he was Apple. Can someone talk me down off this ledge? KB, do they tell you guys something that says “there is a future here that is more than just maintaining the dumbest common denominator (iOS)”*?

I’m done. Thanks for laughing at me.

  • Sorry IOS developer. I know why folks want it and I see its value. I simply find it repugnant for some reason.
  1. Get yourself an iPad.
  2. Grab a jug of juice.
  3. Turn up the Wi-Fi
  4. Watch a movie, maybe True Grit or It’s a Great Life
  5. Read a book, maybe Bill Gates’ I’ll Cry Tomorrow
  6. Check out the Scriv forum, send a few salty responses.
  7. End the evening with Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan.
  8. It don’t get no better than this.
  9. Lights out.


listen multi identity cat. I see your traitorous nature and you make no effort to hide it.

That was a joke. Sorry. Detox on the narcs this week. Not going well so far.

I get why people use/buy/lemming-to windows. I told my mother to get a windows box. Do we think that apple has the collective clout to survive a Job-less streak that has no possible end?

That and I kind of lament the , in the bill had to pay to maintain my dignity.

Apple has been a very innovative company during the 12 years SJ was out (just think to the multimedia revolution and the Newton, just to name the two most notably ones). Probably it will be for the additional 12 years without him (being a Buddhist, there is no reason not to believe he will soon reapper under a different shape).

SJ had a leadership genius that will not be replaced, and in the long term this will be the real problem. Maybe they should look at the younger genius growing in the universities: the new SJ will not appear as an aged executive manager, but as a young rule-breaking anarchist.


(1) Steve left a plan for the next 5 years on product ideas so the magic path is still there.

(2) Tim Cook has been CEO and running things for over a year now.

(3) The rumors of “Apple TV” are one of the hottest tech talks in Vegas.

(4) Apple’s idea of dropping the “computer” in their name now fits with the “devices” they are creating. They want the “living room” and the “social aspect” of devices. (iPads for media, magizines, books, etc - iPhones for texting, talking, video communications, Apple TV for a household central “hub”, iTV? (Actual TV) for Display and living room communications. Air Play, Bonjour, WiFi, and AirDrop for home networking between devices and not just computers. iCloud to access networked media across devices.

(5) When Apple beat out Google, Microsoft, and Exxon to become the number 1 company in the world investors started to finally realize that Apple is not just a hiccup in the tech sector but is a savvy business machine. The idea became very apparent when people realized that Apple had more CASH and marketable securities than the US American Government had on operating cash balance. (July last year) … bt-ceiling

So in other words Investors are comfortable putting their money in Apple now even after Jobs death.

(6) iOS developers and Android (Java) developers are in a HUGE demand right now. (App developers.) Windows 8 is also supposed to see a lot of HTML 5 and Java in development as well.

“Apps” are here to stay. We are moving away from “pcs” and now towards “smart devices” for many functions. The phone and tablet are the hotbed for development now and TV apps are starting to come around (smart TVs). Many developers develop first on iOS (more lucrative) then port over to Android Market. (Android and App Store 2 biggest) THere are also other “app” stores popping up that are benefiting from the iTunes/iPod/iPhone/iPad mentality (There’s an app for that).

(I know iOS may seem faddish but the base idea is there. A light development for low powered devices that works well with a richer development of faster devices (OSX on full blown cpus)

So no I don’t think it’s fully tied to Steve Jobs anymore. I think Tim Cook will do a good job (He has so far) Tim has the experience to see the Apple Vision is carried forth

And there is no chance that a Fortune 100 company – any of them, not just Apple – will put a young rule-breaking anarchist in charge. The only way people like that get to run companies is when they start them.

Which is why IBM and AT&T are no longer the most important tech companies in the world.


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The one thing that won’t happen is a mercurial figure barging into meeting rooms demanding certain things of entire product lines (e.g. no Flash), and having the clout to get his way. Maybe.

I have one that is several yeas old on my entertainment system now. So you are proving my point. Newton… the iPhone as in infant, died in its cradle because Steve wasn’t there to market it. Vegas is nothing more than a pile of dip sh*ts feeding eacho other lines trying to drive their stock up. Ignore them just like a local politician.
(4) Apple’s idea of dropping the “computer” in their name now fits with the “devices” they are creating. They want the “living room” and the “social aspect” of devices. (iPads for media, magizines, books, etc - iPhones for texting, talking, video communications, Apple TV for a household central “hub”, iTV? (Actual TV) for Display and living room communications. Air Play, Bonjour, WiFi, and AirDrop for home networking between devices and not just computers. iCloud to access networked media across devices.
So where’s the NEXT innovation. Every single one of these things has actually been around LONG before Steve figured out how to make it sexy. And it was Steve.

And so the death peal begins. With no A-Hole emperor beating the slaves we are left subject to the whims of the market. kewms and I may agree on this one thing with no single area of compromise (I think this is a first for us is it not?).

I work for a company that has had many 5 year plans in place post CEO replacement. None of them made it 6 months. I can only hope for the best but as I will always to I will plan for the sky to come crashing down on my head.

Fixed that for you. :slight_smile:

Thank Ioa-iffer

I wasn’t so impressed with the prototype.

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Uh, kiddo? Your question has no answer. It is reasonable to think that the Apple development culture is not going to keel over in 6 months. It is even more reasonable to think your new Apple system will prove useful over the next 3 years. Therefore, rein in your anxieties and spend your energy properly by sparring with cats flinging Jameson bottles.


Couple of points,

  1. Tim had plenty of CEO at Apple experience before Steve even quit let alone left the job as Chair as well.
  2. the worst thing a new CEO can do is try to emulate a previous incumbent, no matter how visionary. Tim should stay true to his own vision, whatever that is.

Personally, I’m not worried.

I have it on very good authority (from another member of the,‘Bring Back the Red Lion’ picket), that Apple’s business plan embraces the continued pushing of all boundaries pertaining to product quality and development, as well as a drastic reduction of prices.
So you’s can all relax…sorted!! :wink:

Sadly, the only thing they are telling us is that we have to sandbox our Mac apps like iOS apps by March 1st (for App Store versions), even though no major Apple apps have yet been sandboxed and sandboxing is stilly buggy as all hell on OS X, and currently this is going to result in a Scrivener that can’t do external folder sync or external backups to Dropbox or even reopen .scriv projects properly or open its own PDF manual. Not that this is getting my goat or anything. :slight_smile:

Jaysen … ng-at.html

What I mean by that is the market implications of just the Idea of Apple making an actual TV (It makes sense as it is a key device in the Living Room).

The biggest pain for Apple right now is the Lodsys Patent Troll fiasco and how iOS developers are a little wary right now. (As are other independent developers on android and other oses as well).

Since Steve came back he has not “invented” anything new. Apple crawled out of “certified doom” years ago on products that had already been around. (mp3 players were already around, all in one computers, rack servers, touch screen phones, phone apps, web based “Markets”, online music stores, tablets, ultra slim notebooks.

The difference is Apple made them look sharper, perform smoother, “act better”. Each device fell in line with the end result that is usually an apple success. “It Just Works.”

Kinda like BASF. “We don’t make X. We make X better.” :slight_smile:

Now Windows 8 is coming out and there is a lot of uncertainty about that. There have been statements made about HTML 5 and Java being Redmonds main focus, restrictions on signature installations on ARM processors, and a few other things that have the WindBlows side kind of confused on direction.

In the end I guess you could say we are going through another “revolutionary” segment in the technology history. Devices and connection speeds are finally getting fast enough to free us from the limitations of the previous generation of devices. Wireless, CloudBased Media, etc. Many changes coming from all kinds of inovators.

As to NeXt magic devic(s)?

I would place money on
(a) A smart Television (42"-55") with built in AirPlay and the ability to run iPad “Apps” as if the tablet was in horizontal viewing (to better fit aspect ratio). A TV that can connect directly to iTunes, play music and video from any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac Computer running Lion or greater using nothing more than a AirPlay or the same WiFi connected Network. A device to manage your “cloud”. ONe that woudl run Syria as the main interface or remote. A higher end version with maybe a touch screen for conference dispalys and a large wall mounted “iPad” or other advanced uses.

b [/b]A touch screen interface for high end luxury cars and SUVs. (Think of an iPad in place of your radio) that would be the interface for your car, store your music, play your xml radio, GPS, monitor or set climate settings, seat memory, etc and also have cellular ability to read emails, transcribe text messages (hands free) and of course always update able with iCloud wherever you are so you can view movies (kids in the back or passenger) play games and download new games while driving down the road (vacation!) And all of this is controlled by Syria and developers can develop other “apps” that users might use on the road.

© A “Conn” We already have “Mission Control” but imagine a “Conn”. One place where you can see all your data, control all your data, manage all your data. Like a voice control big ass TV in your living room. You are not going to work here but rather manage here, control here view the overall personal “Cloud” here. This device could be something like “Apple TV” connected to a “iTV”.
The Apple TV would be more of the powerhouse to unlock the iTV features (Like larger on site storage, the ability to attach NAS, central streaming device on site and over the web, home controls (Climate, music, lighting, etc)


Yeah I know it is a novel, but the ideas are only limited by your own imagination. After all most science originated as science fiction…