Application crashes whenever I want to make an edit

Scrivener has started to act oddly. I had been using the program for awhile now to edit my first novel. I had done about 10 chapters when all of a sudden the application continuously shuts down. I have deleted the app and reinstalled through the Apple App store, deleted the file and tried a “new” blank file. The same result. Any feedback on my options at this point?

I would try resetting your preferences first.

  1. Go to the main preferences panel in Scrivener and use the Manage… drop-down menu to backup a copy of your settings to the desktop.
  2. From the main Scrivener menu, select “Reveal Support Folder in Finder”. This will open a window in Finder.
  3. Quit Scrivener.
  4. Back in that Finder window opened in step #2, press Cmd-UpArrow twice. You should be in a “Library” folder, double-click on the “Preferences” folder.
  5. You should see one or two files starting with “com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2”. Move any files like that to the trash.
  6. Reload Scrivener and verify the problem is gone.
  7. Use the Manage… drop-down to load your preferences from the desktop backup file.

Also note you can start Scrivener with the Shift key held down to make sure it doesn’t open any previously open projects automatically. If you can’t start the software to back up your preferences though, you can skip the first and last step, it just means you’ll have to change your settings back by hand. Additionally, if this check does not fix the problem you can close Scrivener and drag those preferences files back into their proper location to restore your settings.