Apply font to all documents

I have a small problem: I started my work in TextEdit using Hevetica 12pt as font. Scrivener uses Optima, which I like better. Is there an easy way to convert all Scrivenings written in Helvetica to Optima? We’re talking about 60 documents, which would be very hard to change by hand :frowning:


Assuming there isn’t any special formatting you want to keep, yes. Select all the Binder documents you want to change, then select Documents -> Convert -> Formatting to Default Text Style from the menu.

(I didn’t know you could do this with multiple documents myself until AmberV mentioned it a few weeks ago!)

I believe you can simply highlight them all in the binder and then use the “Document>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style” menu entry and it should be done.

If you didn’t want Optima, but something else or want to change the size, you can change the default in the Preferences>Text editing pane. But do that before you convert all your documents, or you’ll just have to do it over again



Thanks, that did the trick. :slight_smile:
Shame I didn’t see it. I searched the menus like ten times before^^

Yes, you want to be extra careful when using this feature to move to a font with fewer variations than the original font. Optima has a number of different styles available to it, and if you were to convert to something like, say Lucida Grande, you might lose a lot of styling. If you know you have a lot of styling, and are unsure, it is a good idea to use the project back up feature before bulk converting from one font to another. Otherwise, the feature is pretty safe! Highlights, annotations, tables; all of that will be retained.