Applying a format presset

Hi everyone,

Of course I’m a young Scrivener user, so don’t blame me if my question looks stupid.

I’ve stored a presset format with a font in size 12, and used it on some part of text, in my documents (more than 100).
Some parts of the text are underscored or bolded.

After compiling the project it should be better to change the font and the size.
I can do this update to my format presset, but:

  • after upadting the new format is not automatically applied to the text
  • if I apply manualy the updated format to the text, in spite of that takes a lot of time, the underscored or bolded texts are not saved with this attributes

So how can I:

  • updated all the text of my project with the updated presset format, without modify the underscored and bolded parts of text
  • find all the text in my project which use the presset format

Thanks for your advices.

At the end, I’ve discovered that when I add a presset format in a project is also available in the other project. More I’ll work on Scrivener more the format presset list will be important…maybe too much to keep organized