Applying Formatting/Styles to Imported Text

I’m curious if there is or will be a way to apply a certain style or formatting to a chunk of imported (or copy-and-pasted) text. Smart quotes, for instance, or em-dashes in place of two hyphens. Most of the stuff I’m importing uses non-smart quotes (dumb quotes?) and the double hyphen, but I’d like the imported stuff and the “fresh” stuff to be consistent. Short of doing a find-replace marathon, is there – or will there be – any easy way to do this?


Much of the formatting in Scrivener can be applied when you come to the point of compiling your masterpiece! :wink: If you have a look at File > Compile > Text Options you will see that text conversions are provided there.

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That’s perfect for when I need to compile, but for neurotic obsessive compulsive perfectionists like me, I like my workspace to look clean, too. Even if there were some way to select all text in Scrivening view… at the moment, it seems like you can still select only the text of a single document, even when it’s all showing up on a single scrollscreen.

I tried to compile (running Windows 7) but I can’t get any formatting changes applied in the compile menu to show up in the final pdf. I even tried in the tutorial to follow those directions, but there was no difference between the default custom and the novel manuscript format.