Applying formatting to all footnotes


I’m struggling with the formatting of footnotes in my manuscript. The usual keyboard short-cuts that work in the writing panel don’t seem to work, even when I select text in the footnote.

It’s non-fiction and there are so many, so I would love to be able to set formatting for every footnote of the project.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips I would be really grateful.
Thanks and best wishes

Without knowing exactly what formatting you want, if you click once on a footnote, Cmd-A to select all footnotes, then Right/Ctrl-click and from the drop down select Convert to Default Formatting…

I can’t guarantee that’s the exact wording as I’m away from my computer, but it will regularise all the footnotes.


that’s really helpful, thanks a lot for that Mark. it’s a good step in the right direction, some of the footnotes remain indented while some are not, so it doesn’t quite synchronize that, but it’s a good help.

(I guess you’re in south-east china, how wonderful, lovely part of the country)

best wishes and thanks again

The ones that are indented probably have a leading tab, so you could try selecting them all again and from Edit > Text Tidying > Strip Leading Tabs, or whatever the wording is.

I spent 14 years living and working in Xiamen in Fujian Province, but I retired 10 years ago (78 years old now) and am mostly in Exeter in Devon in the UK. But I do still miss China, especially my friends and the food!


I’ve tried that and all other text tidying options, no effect, it’s the second line that’s indented

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 20.13.05

i know how you feel, I lived in china teaching once, wonderful experience, wish I could have done it longer, i nheard xiamen is a wonderful city (and clean air, as a big selling point)

glad you enjoyed it