Appreciation Topic for including tabs in Scrivener 3

Can we all just take a moment and thank L&L for including MacOS’s tab feature in Scrivener 3? :mrgreen:

Thank you :’)

I can now have multiple projects open in the SAME WINDOW and not have to constantly juggle between screens. Thank you so much!

If anyone doesn’t know, the tab-bar can be toggled on or off from View > Show/Hide Tab Bar. Also, if you open a second project (new or old) while the first is already open, the second one will open in a new tab IN THE SAME WINDOW, a lot like how Finder tabs work.


and thank you for bringing this feature to my attention.

Very nice feature! But only available when Windows are in “full screen” mode. I would really like to use it when the windows are not full screen. Is this possible? Thank you

It’s a macOS setting, not a Scrivener one: go to System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents and choose Always then it will work everywhere, not just in Full Screen (which is the default).


I’ve loved this feature ever since I discovered it, and was so glad to see it work with Scrivener 3. I make heavy use of it in full screen mode, hiding the binder & inspector for maximum screen usage of every project I’m working in. I much prefer that to swiping through multiple virtual desktops. All those Scrivener/MacOS features together really help make the most of a small screen.

Also of note: while per-project tabs are not a Lit & Lat innovation, the feature has to be incorporated by the programmer or it won’t work. For instance, on Sierra, Apple’s own Preview app doesn’t support tabs. Apple finally enabled tabs in High Sierra’s version of Preview, but due to a number of bugs in that release, I’ve been reluctant to upgrade. I often have many Preview windows open in both full screen and individual windows, and it makes for a frustrating experience trying to swipe or CMD-tab between the two apps.

Brookter, I am forever grateful for your answer. It solved the problem. Perfect Scrivener just became even more perfect to me.

Excellent, glad it helped, Jonas.