Arabic spelling dictionary doesn't download

I’m using Version: Beta (1078406) 64-bit - 14 Oct 2020, on Windows 10

I tried to download the Arabic (Egypt-ar) dictionary from within the application File-> Options->Corrctions->Spelling, then choosing it from the drop-down menu when pressign Download. I see the bar of progress, it goes fine to 100%, then when clicking "select’ button, it is not in the list.

Am I missing something, or is it a bug?

Any help is highly appreciated, and thanks for this great app.

I wonder if this is a naming issue inside Scrivener. The dictionary appears as “Arabic-ar” in the Program Files/Scrivener/hunspell/dict folder after downloading, but the name does not appear in the Select list.

And why is there no way to remove a dictionary except to go into the dict folder and delete the file? If an incorrect dictionary is accidentally loaded, there should be a way to clean up the list via the user interface.

I totally agree with you regarding the ability to remove a dictionary from the UI.
I tried changing the name of the dictionary folder, but nothing changed.