Are ePub 3 Ebook compiles supposed to create funky smart quotes and smart apostrophes?

I’m compiling my book into ePub 3 Ebook format then opening it in Kindle Previewer 3. In the Kindle preview app, all of the smart quotes and smart apostrophes are rendered incorrectly with characters like this: â €

ePub 2 Ebook format doesn’t produce these strange characters — the smart quotes are correctly rendered.

I’ve tried using the “Replacements” tab during compile, but for some reason, it will not let me paste actual smart quotes in the “Replace” column.

Is there an easier way to replace all smart quotes and apostrophes with normal ones during compile?

Anyone know if perhaps this is a bug with Kindle Previewer?

To that specifically, yes. In the Transformations compile format pane, enable Convert “smart” punctuation to “dumb” punctuation.

Otherwise, to the larger problem, there shouldn’t be any issues with the encoding of these in normal usage—the HTML files are declared as UTF-8. I’ve been unable to get Kindle Previewer working with my computer for some time now, so I can’t check that one specifically, but if I get no problems with smart quotes when putting a converted ePub or KF8 mobi file on my Kindle.

So maybe it is an issue with Previewer, or how it converts ePubs.