Are imported web pages stored entirely within Scrivener?

It seems that they are as I can view web pages within Scriv. even when I’m not online, but I just wanted to confirm that they are permanently archived within Scriv. so that if the original online page is ever removed I still have a copy of it.

If not, would the solution be to print the web page as a .pdf and then import it?

Thank you!

Yes, when you import a webpage it’s stored in the Scrivener project as a webarchive file, so you’re not accessing the page online anymore when you view it within Scrivener. Ergo if the page is changed or removed online, you’ll still have a copy of it from that date you saved it. Once in Scrivener, you can convert it to text, letting you clean it up if all you want is the text and letting you edit it, etc, and that process is irreversible, so just be sure that if you do that kind of thing and want to definitely still have a copy of the original file, use the “duplicate” feature before you convert one.

Depending what else you want to do with the webpages (ie, using them outside of Scrivener) you might rather use the print to PDF route, since PDFs are generally more flexible (not as many programs view webarchives; it’s basically a Safari thing), but that’s entirely up to you and your usage scenario.