Are Scrivener's Dropbox permissions too permissive?

I noticed that Scrivener has permissions to access any file in my Dropbox. I would prefer to see this limited to the Scrivener folder, for obvious reasons. Would that be possible?

Incidentally, it seems the access isn’t used at all, which is odd, given that I am synching through Dropbox all the time, every day of the week, not five months ago. I guess the permission for those file actions is given to macOS, not Scrivener (though macOS isn’t listed as a ‘Linked App’).

Only Scrivener for iOS needs specific permission to connect to Dropbox. Scrivener for Mac or Windows simply write to the hard drive of the local machine, and if the folder it’s writing to happens to be inside the folder that Dropbox’s software is monitoring, then it will get synced, even without specific permission to Scrivener being granted.

If you’re no longer using Scrivener for iOS, then you can revoke those permissions entirely.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. It also explains the five months (I stopped using my iPad around that time).