Are Snapshot Timestamps Gone in 3??

Or am I confused?

I need the timestamps as I write through midnight, and sometimes I need to see what I worked on in one “day”, not a date.

If it’s an option somewhere to turn them back on, can someone point me to it? If there are any workarounds or simpler solutions, I’m game for that too. I simply need to see what I wrote in one awake period.


Perhaps I don’t understand your question, then please bear with me, but when I make a Snapshot it is identified by both date and time, and title (if I’ve given it such).

I looked again just now. I guess my screen and Inspector was too small. (11" Macbook Air). By default it seems the divider is in the middle of the Inspector, and I didn’t realize it was a simple click and drag, but, I hovered over the divider and saw it moved, so I moved it and now I see a time stamp too.

That was it. What a simple solution for looking through the manual and the settings for a half hour. :laughing:

Thank you for replying. I would not have looked again without your post,

Now, the Snapshot Manager…that seems to be remaining just the date. :question: :confused:

Glad it worked out.

The date and time are there. You are once again having a sizing problem. Either you have your Inspector column set too narrow to show the full date-time column of the shapshot manager area, or you have the date-time column in that area itself set too narrow!

These column boundaries are draggable to adjust. (In the date-time column case, you need to drag at the column line between the column headers.) You just need to adjust these things to your liking.


In the Snapshot Manager Window?
There’s no divider. I’ve hovered my mouse everywhere to see if there was a hidden one. This isn’t in the inspector panel. It’s a window that comes up like the Quick Reference. Documents>Snapshots>Show Snapshot Manager.

Although you can drag the divider between the sidebar and the content viewing area in the Snapshots Manager, I don’t think the date expands beyond the Short (or maybe Medium, I use the same for both) format.

Right you are. I was just looking at the Snapshots pane in the Inspector (which does show date and time when there is room).


I didn’t start using it until I got 3.0. I actually don’t even know if the Snapshot Manager existed in Scriv 2. But, either way, it seems like the timestamps don’t exist there. :confused:

You should be seeing dates in short format as a parenthetical in grey text beside each snapshot entry in the Manager. Figure 15.16 in the user manual, page 425, shows what it should look like (at least with US settings).

Yes, but we were down to the fact that the Manager does not also show the time – just date.

I see the response as well and, duh, remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) concern solved