Are there any grammarly-like features in Scrivener

PWA is quite good, especially with the discount lifetime deal.

Like any grammar program, its suggestions should be used for advice and not taken as ‘gospel’.

I don’t know of any grammar app that is consistently correct.

Absolutely RuffPub.
I like the feature PWA has with the little information tabs on the side of each issue that allows you to open up further information on that particular item. It has a great deal further to offer if you look at these followed up with a better informed search on the net.
It can be very educational.

I don’t know of a grammar program that’s right even half the time. That’s based on experience from a few years ago, of course.

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I limit my grammar checkers to what something like Hemingway App offers. Mainly active sentences and sentence lengths.

The oldest trick in the book is still the best: read a grammar book. Studying how to write is often the fastest way to improve your craft.


Once Grammarly desktop is installed it will be active in all applications that have a text input area (including Scrivener, Messages, Notes, Mastodon etc). Unless you explicitly exclude a programme/web site, it’ll just be there. (see meta screenshot - Safari & Scrivener)

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Since I write a lot of texts on the Mac with Scrivener, and write a whole series of novels, the topic of spell and grammar checking came up again and again. Of course, you can use the Mac’s spell checker, but it is only reasonably functional for English-speaking users. Apple has long neglected other languages, which is why I have helped myself. Instead of painstakingly teaching the spelling to the system, I have long relied on collaboration with other apps and tools.
A lot has happened in the last few months, and AI-supported systems in particular are increasingly improving my workflow.
One example is Language Tool (LT), which is available as an app, for example in the App Store, or is also integrated by some writing apps (e.g. Ulysses).
I use the standalone version and simply display it next to Scrivener on the screen to easily copy and check texts back and forth. LT has also recently added an AI function for “wording help” to resolve sentences that are considered too tricky and improve reading flow.
In addition to LT, DeepL also offers a text correction function (currently in beta) that corrects spelling and grammatical errors with AI support and returns the clean texts error-free. DeepL also offers formulation aids.
I am currently also testing ChatGPT, the text AI that is on everyone’s lips, and have it check, correct and rephrase texts.
Considering that AI support has only recently become available to a wide range of users, the development is rapid and I am convinced that the time of the simple spellchecker will soon be over.