Are there any grammarly-like features in Scrivener

I like Grammarly’s target audience and tone selections for the thesaurus, and a few other grammarly features as well, but grammarly isn’t compatable I hear with Scrivener. Does anyone know if Scrivener has grammarly-type features in terms of intended audience, tone, and other selections, and if so, how to use them?

No it doesn’t.

I have used Grammerly with Scrivener in the past using cut and paste a scene at a time. It’s a slight inconvenience but manageable.

Scrivener has basic features like grammar and spell check, but it doesn’t give comments for tone, etc. If you get the desktop version of Grammarly, you can export your Scrivener document and import to Grammarly in chunks (they do have caps on file size/length) or another app like Hemingway.

Is there an alternative to Grammarly Premium?
I’m not a professional, so spending $12/mo for Grammarly Premium is a bit of a stretch for me. I would rather spend that $12/mo on something more ‘enjoyable’ like Netflix.
I do have Grammarly Basic installed for Windows and the add-on for Firefox, but really would like to try the premium features.

Pro Writing Aid. It is expensive, but regularly advertises 50% discounts on their premium lifetime.

Grammarly Desktop (available for Mac and Windows) now integrates with Scrivener (and most other things).

Yes, I use that, however, one of the L&L team cautioned against anything that directly interacts with the scrivener document. Thus far I’ve found it okay, but from time to time it does have a glitch. Use with caution.

As with any of these, take their advice as recommendations only - both programs get it wrong often enough.


Perhaps it is worth the $12/mo to have Grammarly Premium. My vocabulary isn’t what I would like it to be but I have trouble finding the time or the interest to look up words in a thesaurus (I have been using Having Grammarly make suggestions for me could help in this respect.

I’ll sit for a while with the basic (free) version of Grammarly and keep an eye out for a discount offer.
I did need to turn off Grammarly suggestions in a game I was playing. It was kind of annoying that it would automatically integrate with every Windows app that contains text, but disabling it was easy enough.
So far Grammarly seems to be working well with Scrivener.

Edit: I was a bit confused about Grammarly pricing. I thought $12/mo was the non-discounted monthly sub, but it didn’t make sense that they wouldn’t offer a discount for the annual plan. Then I realized that the $12/mo is the discounted annual plan. But it looks like Pro Writing Aid has a much better offer with their annual plan priced at $79 (compared to $144 for Grammarly).
Now I found I can get a free 7-day trial of ProWritingAid, so I’ll check it out.
Should I uninstall Grammarly for Windows before installing ProWritingAid, or can the two coexist?

I have installed the ProWritingAid desktop app, and already have one serious gripe with the software:
It does not integrate with Scrivener as Grammarly does; It simply opens the Scrivener file in its own app.
There does not appear to be a way to change to dark mode, which I have come to love in Scrivener (and other apps like Word and Firefox), and I miss Scrivener’s UI.

This may be a deal-breaker for me, since I have become somewhat familiar with Scrivener over the few years I have been using it. But whether it’s worth the extra $65/yr to use Grammarly is something I need to consider. I wish there was a trial for Grammarly Premium, but there doesn’t appear to be.

One thing you could do is just pay for one month at the time you need to do the final editing.

Actually, my purpose is somewhat different.
I am not a writer, but trying to learn to write better. I thought I could use something like Grammarly to improve my vocabulary and general grammar.
Perhaps the cost of an annual sub to either Grammarly or ProWritingAid is worth it from an educational point of view.
I could just continue using whatever free services are available, and looking up words in a thesaurus, but doing that breaks any flow I have ever achieved while writing.
The Grammarly integration with Scrivener would probably work best for me, but I hesitate to pay almost 2x what ProWritingAid would cost.

You can’t learn grammar from grammar checkers, because they’re wrong more often than they’re right.


drmajorbob is right.

You could try a book like this.

Plus you should read, read, read. And that way learn by seeing how good writers (and their editors) do it.

I was just thinking about The Elements of Style. I believe I have a copy of the annotated edition. If not, my local library certainly has it.
I guess when you’re talking about reading, you’re referring to actual books, not audiobooks. I listen to a lot more than I read, and it’s difficult to learn writing skills from just listening - unless I periodically stop the playback to make notes.

There is a trial for Grammarly Premium, after a fashion. Continue to use the free version, and it will randomly do a Premium level check and give it to you for free. When it does this, it is flagged in the dialog box, but you might easily overlook it. I am using Windows 11, and the latest version of Scrivener.

As others have implied, that integration is because Grammarly’s programmers reverse engineered the Scrivener package format and now mess with it. As others have explicitly state they really mess with it.

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I’m not sure it does? It looks like it’s just using the macOS’s accessibility API so I don’t think it actually even touches the Scrivener files at any time, just interacts with the text UI. Scrivener just goes on saving files as usual. I may be wrong though, I only just started playing with the newest Grammarly desktop.

I read that Grammarly now integrates with Scrivener, and you can use it inside of Scrivener instead of having to copy/paste/export a chunk of text at a time. I updated to the latest Grammarly desktop app, and I also have the latest Scrivener as of today, but I do not see Grammarly inside of Scrivener. I read if you place your cursor inside of your document, Grammarly’s floating icon thing will show up, but I don’t see it at all. Am I doing something wrong?

I used to have Grammarly and used it with Scrivener and everything else, but got rid of it. Until someone comes around with a definitive answer, I believe you have to enable Grammarly to function in whichever software (Scrivener, Pages, etc.,) you want it to. If I had Grammarly I’d look into how that was done, but perhaps look in its settings/preferences?

For anyone who finds this thread, I bought the discounted lifetime option of ProWritingAid and highly recomend it if you will be using Scrivener a lot. I have a book with the publishers now and would have found it difficult without it. It wiill see a lot of use in all my future books.
It works with the Scrivener folders.
Hope this helps.