Are There Downloadable Templates for Scrivener?

Hi All,
I’ve been using Word and OneNote as I’m completing the last semester of a BA and I purchased Scrivener a few months ago. Next year I’m starting the MA and I noticed that Scrivener has a template for Undergraduate Assignments. I’ve decided to use Scrivener for all of my assignments in the MA (even though that’s postgrad as opposed to undergrad) but it would be great if there was a postgrad template (which I’m not sure is necessary) so, I just wanted to know if there was a place where we could download new templates to use in Scrivener. Does any such place exist?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps.
God bless,

None, from Literature and Latte that I know of, but other folks have made some of their own. A quick google search turned up these:

Also, if none of those tickle your fancy, you might try making your own.

Wow, thanks Edhead! They are awesome links. The template creation one in particular. :smiley: 8)