Are we able to actually see the world around us as it really is?

With some people claiming the earth is flat, and other such controversies about the shape/size of the universe in mind, watch this video.

See if it doesn’t give you a new perspective. :slight_smile:

And maybe an idea for a book. 8)

Actually, this is my academic speciality (visual perception, including visual illusions). This video is surely a much better explanation of the Ames window illusion, :

I wish I’d had the chance to watch this show when I was a kid!

And if you want to go back to a 1950s source (~9 minute mark for Ames window):

If anyone wants a more academic explanation, Chapter 14 of this utterly beautiful but extremely expensive book: … 0199794607

Are you assuming there’s really one way that it is?

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Yes. The perspective of the person who made it.