Are you a Key Pounder?

You are in the zone and the words and (insert drink here) is flowing. You are typing away as your story unfolds with maddening glee!

So do you pound your keys like your beating your computer into submission or are you like butterfly kisses in how lightly your fingers caress the keys like some new lover?

I have to admit it. I pound. Especially the return key. I smack it like one would smack the carriage return on an old typewriter right in the middle of some juicy dialog.

What about you?

Ive got a freackin good idea what your kind of [i]juicy dialogues[/i] like!! :open_mouth: Move over De Sade!!
Wot you dun tmeat?

Depends, on a Laptop I’m gentle and very sweet to the keyboard. Those white Apple keyboards that they shipped before switching to the “flat” design? I’m ferocious. Mostly just because I despise those keyboards!

The action on those “rack of teeth” keyboards required real muscle. You have to pound 'em.

I thought I was Mr. Sensitive Keyboardist until I augmented my operation with one of Apple’s wafer wireless keyboard. Great to be able to switch off and I love that keyboard.

However, if you have any illusions about whether you get rough with your keys, those keyboards will teach you. The thing is they have what I would call “dead-stop key action”–the keys have a shallow ambit and when down they basically hit bottom instead of hitting spring resistance. Or that is how it feels.

So, after getting into my first jolly big project with one, I found myself wondering why my finger bones were aching so!

So, I am trying to be more sensitive with my auxiliary keyboard. I take solace in the fact that, as a four-finger typist, I must only be a quarter pounder anyway.


This is quite true. I could switch between that keyboard and my Olivetti and barely notice the difference.

I don’t really think about it. There’s no method to my madness. I suppose I use different pressures depending on what is required by the keyboard I’m using. My fingers tend to fly pretty quickly so it’s enough pressure to type out the words and no more.


It wouldnt do for me to be pounding anything. Once I finally locate the key Im looking for, Its a 50/50 chance at best, that, thats the key I actually depress. When I try to type anything, my eyes spend a lot of the time looking at each other, or focussed on the end of my nose.

Im not sure if its because my spelling is crap (which it is), or the underline key is stuck and red, but most of it is underlined. :blush: :frowning:
Kaet reca

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I am more of a pounder than a tickler, but I aspire to be nothing more than proficient. :frowning:

Like Amber, I’m light on the portable, heavy on the fix. My fix keyboard is a Das Keyboard III, requiring some real force to be activated, and I really like to pound on it.


How boringly modest of y` :neutral_face:

Yeah, sometimes I hit that return key with extra vigor as well…

I had an Olivetti portable electric in college, it gave my fingers the strength that they have today. I wore it out, eventually.

I most certainly don’t pound. But I am not a delicate flower. I wear out the delete key quite a bit.

I’ve known a lot of people who are much, much harder on keyboards than I. I never seem to ruin the action of a keyboard, but I’ve burned the letters off of at least two. It’s a good think I touch-type.

I think it has a lot to do with learning to type on a 1960s-era portable Smith Corona with a black-and-red ribbon and a really, really hard action. That, and a few years of piano lessons.