ARM Chromebook

I have a new cheapo Chromebook where I have installed but Ubuntu and straight up Debian and was hoping to get linux Scrivener working. I’ve been going through the multi-arch documentation and no luck so far. Has anyone else managed to get this working?



Did you try searching the forum with the term Chromebook?
I did and got 84 matches. Some are useful leads for your question.
Good luck!

I don’t believe you’re going to get anywhere with that. The ARM processor is not compatible with x86 programs like Scrivener. Ubuntu will work, because it was recompiled for the ARM processor, but no such luck with third-party apps like Scrivener.

I’m on my second Chromebook, this one is an Acer C720. I erased it and put Ubuntu 12.04/Bodhi Linux on it, and Scrivener and lots works great on it. I specifically looked for an Intel processor, that was a requirement for a Chromebook for me.

So when shopping for a Chromebook to run Linux, I would stay away from ARM processors - stick with Intel only.



Did you follow a procedure that’s posted somewhere?
I would like to follow your lead with the Acer C720.


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Sorry, I didn’t see your post until now. Maybe I can turn on email notifications somewhere in the forum?

Anyway, here is the official guide from Jeff, who runs the Bodhi Linux project:

I’ve been very happy with mine. In fact, this is my second Acer Chromebook! The first also had an Intel processor. Stay away from any that don’t (which is most). I sold my previous one for $150, then I got this one, an Acer 720 with 2 GB RAM and a 16GB SSD, for $170 new. Hard to pass up :mrgreen:

Oh, and it runs Scrivener for Linux beta very well. I’m using it on a project, interchangeably with a Mac Mini Server, syncing over Dropbox.

Have fun!