ARM Version?

It would really be cool to have an ARM version of Scrivener.

I have a Samsung Chromebook (ARM) and I am running Crouton on it which allow me to load Xubuntu:

The Samsung Chromebook is currently the bestselling notebook on and it would be great to be able to run Scrivener on that device.


I could get excited about switching my Asus Transformer to Xubuntu and running Scrivener on it.

I mean, I’d like to see Scrivener on anything more powerful than a TI-82 graphing calculator. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I just got the Samsung Chromebook and got it all set up with ChrUbuntu. I didn’t even think about the ARM situation until I tried to install Scrivener… Wicked bummer. I’ll probably return the machine, it’s that big a deal for me to have Scrivener on it.

+1 for me too

I’m thinking about investing in an ARM stick running Picuntu and would love to install Scrivner on it.

ARM based Chromebooks (with Chrubuntu) are very cheap, some have a very long battery life and they are more than fast enough for Scrivener.
I’d be very happy if there was a version of Scrivener for ARM notebooks.

You should check out the Acer C720. It uses an Intel Celeron processor with the Haswell micro architecture, so it should be able to run Scirvener. It’s listed at $250 on Amazon right now and is rated really highly. I’m expecting mine to arrive tomorrow, and I’d happy to write up some notes on successes and failures if you’re curious. I haven’t been able to find anyone else running Scrivener on the C720, yet.

I’d like to add my enthusiastic support for this idea.
The Chromebook line is growing, with new models from HP, Acer, and Lenovo coming soon.
And in 2014 LG may produce versions for the desktop, laptop, and tablet market as well.

UGH!! Thats put the mockers on it… tch!tch!

Ignore that man behind the curtain.
He thinks an ARM version is a large-scale wrist or eye version.

pfffffrrrrttt!!! y’ wassock! I know wot ARM means. It’s short for ‘A right mess. I’m not daft, y’ know :open_mouth:
Cyber Wizard

I’d like to argue the “daft” question. one if the marks of sanity is the recognition that you might not be sane, right? so an absolute refusal to accept that you might be “not sane” means that you might be “not sane”.

Doesn’t that equate to “daft”?


I misread “draft” for “daft” and thought, “Eh, bit early, but OK.” I’ve been on these forums too long, haven’t I?

I’d love this too. Setting up Debian on a Cubie as a dedicated writing machine for my USBtypewriter & was intending to put Scrivener on there, but sadness.