Arrange topics in forum by date?

After the always-on-top topics, the forum topics in my browser have these dates, reading from the top down: Dec 04, Jan 06, Jan 06, Nov 28, Dec 16, Jan 03, Jan 06, Jan 03… I’d like to be able to scan the latest topics and avoid the ones I’ve previously read. Is there a way I can put the latest topics at the top?

They should already be sorted by last post, which is the number on the right side, not the left. The left is the first post. Some threads around here last a while, some last for months, so you might see a large discrepancy between dates if you just look down the left hand column. It’s the right-hand side that matters. Clicking the orange icon on the link will bring you to the last post you haven’t seen.

But also, you should see a sort of “read” system as well. Topics you’ve not read, or that have been updated since you last did, will be highlighted in orange. You can safely avoid the ones not highlighted. It’s pretty easy to see where you’ve already been.

That said, if you scroll to the bottom of the topic list, you’ll see a sort selector there. The default is to search by post time, as described above.

Fixed it.

But those threads are in the … bowels of the ship…

And pedantically, months is a valid unit of years but so is days, hours, minutes, seconds, non-seconds, pico-seconds. Where do we stop if we go this route? We definitely don’t want vic-k trying to convert time units twixt his ears…

Yes, it’s probably worth mentioning that if the date on the left is dramatically different from the date on the right—you had best just turn about with all due haste and forget you ever saw anything. There be dragons here!

Or cats, as the case may be, and a pesky personified Research Folder.