Arrow Key issue

The first time I use an Arrow Key in Scrivener 3, my cursor moved to the first line of the last text file in the folder.
It does this every time I restart Scrivener.

Here is the Steps to recreate the issue:
Open Scrivener and Document
press the right arrow key
The typing point will be moved to the first line in the last text (scene) in the folder.

It happened both in 10.13 and 10.14.
it can be annoying, to find where you are.
After the first time it doesn’t happen again until Scrivener is restarted.

I’m afraid we’ll need a little more information in order to get into the same scenario you’re seeing. Often it is best to start your checklist with the creation of a new blank project and whatever steps are required to create the context. For example, do I need a folder with five files in it added to the draft? Or does this take a folder with 350 files nested into 15 levels of hierarchy?

Somewhat unrelated, but there are two methods available that make getting lost very difficult:

  • ⌘J this is a standard macOS shortcut available to most text editors. It will scroll the text view to wherever your cursor or selection is.
  • In a Scrivening session, click on the “outline” button in the top right corner of the editor editor bar. This shows a table of contents for the current session, with the part that is active highlighted.

And of course if you just wanted the cursor at the top of the editor, ⌘↑ works as in all other software.

I opened a new Novel project,
Pasted in 10 paragraphs of Iorem ipsum
Created three text in the Chapter folder
close the file
Quit Scrivener
Opened Scrivener
Opened the file
place my cursor at the first paragraph
Typed in “The Cat in the hat came Back” Return.
did a Command-S then a Command-Q
Reopened Scrivener
The filed opened, with the cursor at the first Lorem Ipsum paragraph
Hit the forward arrow and the cursor moved to between the L and the O in Lorem, in the last Text file.
I am attaching the File I made to the post.

A few additional items
This only happens in 10.13, not in 10.14
I am also using Dropbox
I do share files between 10.13 and 10.14
This also happens if you open Scrivener, after closing the file and opening a file.
It also happens only after the first Arrow Key you press, in the first file that you open after starting Scrivener. After that the Arrow Key acts normally, even if you close the file and reopen it. (415 KB)

Oh, one other note.
This happens on my Mac mini 2010, MacBook 2010, MacMini 2011 all running 10.13.x
Also I made a short video, and captured this happening in real time and you can pick it up here =>>
I hope this helps you get this sorted.

Perfect, thanks! That gives me enough to trigger this bug (and on 10.12 by the way, so that makes two). There were several different variables in what you were doing that I was not. On my system, after a brief moment the cursor will appear where it was, but then it will be moved immediately before the letter ‘c’.

I’ve checked the data stored on the disk after every step, and I do not see any evidence of Scrivener getting confused in its record-keeping. Your cursor position will be accurately recorded and saved, and from the perspective of the disk there is no difference between a project that loads correctly and incorrectly.

Thank you for resolving this issue.

Glad to hear the update fixed it!