Assign Shortcut Key for Back Up To . . .

Hello, I’m trying to keep a backup of my work in Google Drive and one easy way I’m looking at is by using the Back Up To… function to make a backup to a separate Google Drive folder which will then automatically be synced to the cloud. However, in trying to assign a shortcut key combo to it like Alt+Shift+B, I’m not seeing it in the list of options to assign a shortcut for. Scanning the entire list I didn’t see it either. Are you able to assist?



Unfortunately, owing to technical limitations not every menu command can be found in the override list—and even more so since that’s a really useful command. I’m hoping that in the next major upgrade there will be a better framework for that, but I haven’t heard specifically one way or the other.

In the meanwhile you do have those Alt,f,b,b keys.